Radiant Tunes Radio Must Move On...

Hi y'all,
Just to let ya'll know Radiant Tunes Radio will be ceasing operation after November 16th. Hoping it will be for a short time. The Lord will be blessing my home with a son in December, I'll be starting back to school this Fall and we now have a number of financial burdens to take care of besides the aformentioned. This has not been an easy decision.
My desire is to come back with an even better station and continue ministering to the world through spirit-filled music.

Always in the Son,
Brad H.


Fight the RIAA & SoundExtortion!!!...

There's been plenty of backlash against the new royalty rates for webcasters, set by the Copyright Royalty Board at the suggestion of SoundExchange, a group spun out from the RIAA to handle royalty collection. The royalty rates themselves were ridiculously high, and would make it untenable for many small webcasters to continue, while taking a huge bite out of bigger players' revenues. Now, four of those bigger companies -- Yahoo, RealNetworks, Pandora and Live365 -- have sent a letter to lawmakers pointing out that not only do they have to pay the inflated royalties, they have to pay SoundExchange more than $1 billion a year in "administrative fees" for collecting them as well.

In an attempt to look like they are compromising, Sound Exchange has made a very short termed deal in which the SoundExchange proposal only extends for 18 months and points out that webcasters would then be forced to "fight all over again" to cover 2009 and 2010. Also, as part of the agreement, webcasters would also have to withdraw their legal motion for a stay on the per channel minimum issue.

THE POINT HERE FOLKS, is that this is NOT about MONEY and about POWER. Being an entity of the RIAA, Sound Exchange wants to see the above mentioned Internet Radio Networks go away, as they are the competition. These Networks bring you all choice and the ability to select something other then what the Major Labels put out to listen to. The RIAA/Sound Exchange knows all too well that if that choice is taken away, then they will be the only show in town.

The sad part of this all is that through lobby money the RIAA has been able to persuade the CRB (Copy Rights Royalty Board) to hand down this ridiculous decision regarding the new royalty rates. Internet Radio's only hope will be that you are all mad enough to contact Congress and say "Enough is enough". We have 7 days before the rates take hold and Big Business wins this battle. Don't believe anything you hear in the next few days from Sound Exchange's John Simson as he is a master of spin and spreads fictitious propaganda.

People PLEASE fight for your rights. Repost this, anywhere and everywhere. Blogs, Bulletins, Websites, etc.... and CALL CONGRESS they need your votes REMEMBER THAT!!!




Webcasting Bill Introduced

As of today a bill has been introduced by Representatives Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Donald Manzullo (R-IL). this bill is the Internet Radio Equality Act. This bill will effectively reverse the decision made by the CRB and level the royalties so Internet and satellite radio can compete without exorbitant royalty rates. Please call your Congressperson to voice your support for this bill. For more information please go to http://www3.capwiz.com/saveinternetradio/callalert/index.tt?alertid=9679516&type=TA



Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. Radiant Tunes continues to bring you the best in Christian rock, metal & alternative! But, recent happenings in the music & political world may make Internet radio as you know it a thing of the past. SoundExchange (a spin-off of the RIAA) has influenced the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) to approve of a heinous increase in royalty fees for the performance of music over the Web. This increase must not be allowed to determine your right to musical diversity over the Internet! Write your Congressmen & Senators today to let them know you are fed up with the underhanded tactics of the RIAA & SoundExchange. Visit SaveNetRadio.org or live365.com/choice today to find out how you can help fight the demise of Internet radio.


Live Broadcast Re-Started Early

As of 5:20 p.m. Central RTR has begun its live stream 3 hrs. 40 min. ahead of the previously announced time of 9 p.m. The broadcast is running smoothly & have added some new tunes.